Monday, February 15, 2010

2010.012 - San Fran Recap 3-4

Day 3 (Fri Feb 5)

With a warning that we must not be late, we reunited with some friends at our first dim sum outing at Hong Kong Saigon Seafood Harbor Restaurant; the name is quite a mouthful, but so is the food. At the time of opening the restaurant was essentially empty but that changed in only minuntes. The meal and company was wonderful (my favorite of the three dim sum) and as we left, not only was the place packed, but a line was out the door.

Next was the Computer History museum. Overall, I found the exhibits to be a bit disappointing, but there were a few interesting displays such as a Cray computer and even more so, Charles Babbage's Difference Engine No. 2, (series 2). Such a combination of mechanics and mathematics was flat out amazing. I find it humorous that some (current or former?) eccentric bigwig from MicroSoft paid to have it built to have in his home, but for now at least, it's on indefinite loan to the museum, which is commendable.

A quick wardrobe change and we headed into the city for the rehearsal dinner at R&G Lounge, recently featured on the show, "No Reservations." After another good meal, the whole party moved to Fenton's Creamery, recently cameoed in the movie Up; watch closely at the end. It was packed but I believe someone had connections for a quick seating; eating ice cream and chatting with extended family made for good times.

Day 4 (Sat Feb 6)

Dim Sum "2 of 3" was at Dynasty Chinese Seafood Restaurant, more good dim sum. Is there too much of a good thing? Perhaps, stay tuned. Taking our time to dine, it's time to go back again to San Fran. I did a lot of driving, but that's okay, I enjoy it.

We parked a few blocks from the church and happened to cross paths with the wedding party. The camerman had the "elite eight" dodging cars (well, not really) to get a shot in the middle of a street in Chinatown before the wedding. The church sanctuary was very lovely and intimate as was the service. We sat with a view of the bride who had the most wonderful smile during the vows.

The drive to the reception was the only thing that seemed to go wrong. TomTom took us through one of the busiest parts around Berkeley, but there are much worse things to happen at a wedding than a a slow drive down College Av and checking out all the local shops. Plus, we still arrived before the bride and groom, so really it was probably for the best.

The reception was at the Bancroft Hotel. It was a classy space, top notch. Paella was the main course (by now, non-asian was welcome) and who can complain about dessert when there are 5 different, yummy cakes. A neat idea was a "photo booth" where people could use a remote to take their own pictures, and the slide show and trivia game were fun. Another great evening.

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