Thursday, April 30, 2009

Extra, Extra!

In an attempt to connect a lost camera to whom I thought was the owner, I was suprised to learn she had an IMDb page. Cool! Someone I know has a movie page, which reminded me about a movie in which I was an extra several years ago... a very low budget, amateur film, but a film nonetheless! I have looked before but I never found much mention of it on the internet; due to the production level, I figured it would be forgotten as the product of a young hobbyist's dream. Well, to my surprise, it has found its way to DVD and now is listed! Robin Hood: Prince of Sherwood.

I also found a trailer. Evidently, the quality of the film is lacking, at moments to a humorous level, but it is a good, noble effort for the then 15 year old (approximate) writer/director. Still, I am tempted to buy it for $15, check to see if I made the final cut, and submit my info to the annals of moviedom.

Note: If you do watch the trailer, there is brief shot at (i'll fill in time later tonight) which might contain a very young me. Despite the year of the film being listed as 2008, it was actually filmed and originally debuted in the early 90s.

Special Note for Today: HB, HB! ILY!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina recalls the ancient literary device by altering the path of plot by divine internention, often at the end of the story to suddenly deal justice or mercy. In Brian K. Vaughn's latest comic book series, the device sets the story off as Mitchell Hundred finds a bizarre object under a New York bridge that explodes, imparting the abilithy to communicate with machines. To futher start the plot, our centennially named hero uses his ability with the help of a couple friends to fight crime, saving (ahem) hundreds of lives, and becoming mayor! And that's just the beginning!! It sounds farfetched, but between the character developement (through well-used flashbacks), surprising challenges of society views, amazing artwork, and perfect pacing... the story really takes off and becomes irresistable.

I am still playing catch up, but Ex Machina truly is a great read and I hope it finishes strong. I cannot wait to finish the series... and for it to hit the big screen.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life Is Better But Not the Weather

I suppose my reluctance to post has been mostly due to a depression from losing my job a couple months ago; internalizing stress is nothing new for me. I suppose I wish I had overcome that while still in the employment, recording my battle with the earth and what-not, but too late for that, for I have rejoined the ranks of the workforce!! I am back at my old job - for now at least - which at this point is a job. I am just starting to read Carve Your Own Road by Jennifer and Joe Remling, I think it is more for those who have made their way and lost it - I never seem to have found mine - but it's a short book and I suppose it can only help. Well, more on that, my hole, my latest movies and music later... there's a storm-a-brewin'. And it don't look good.